Inflation: Still no slowdown in sight in the US!

When a country’s money supply has grown faster than GDP, inflation sets in and when it goes over the limits, the monetary authorities can do nothing to restore sound money…


All the price increase indices that are published are consistent: inflation is not weakening in the United States.

So it is with the latest PCE indices published on February 24 for the month of January, which show that they have been on a steady upward trend since November… 2020!

Document 1:

The year-on-year changes in these indexes are less significant than those of the indexes in monthly data and after inflation takes off the changes are then marginal and irrelevant,

Document 2:

Inflation is currently significantly higher than it has been since 1995, when it finally fell back into an acceptable band between 1.0 and 2.0% apart from short-lived spikes in 2008 preceding the Great Recession,

Document 3:

Inflation is still and always at the level of the 1970s-80s without the historical spikes,

Document 4:

More worrisome: based on the last 6 months in annualized data, inflation looks like it is going back up!

Document 5:

Once again, it is now impossible to find a solution to burst this monetary bubble that was created by the American authorities by distributing money (borrowed on the markets) without creating wealth in return.

The American leaders have shot themselves, not in the foot, but close to the heart!


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